Thursday, February 10, 2011

writing class
I still have no appetite. I had half of a naked juice.
napped the rest of the day, until I told Kaitlyn I'd pick her up at 6:30
we got gas, and ended up at the mall? I haven't been there in a while.
I got a cool fake leather jacket. I look cool.
I noticed my pants were really big on me.
that's a good thing, although I don't have many pants at the moment.
I put on my jacket, it doesn't have working pockets. that sucks.
I took her home and I got home before nine.
my mom wanted me to watch tv with her, so I did.
I studied. attempted to study. fuck pre-calc.
I decided that today was the day that I stop being any kind of sad
I need to stop giving a fuck
when anyone says something that makes my heart sink, fuck it!
nothing's worth getting worked up over.
it's 1:37 and my first class is at 7:50...I should sleep.
I also should finish studying. I might do that.

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