Sunday, January 24, 2010

think about what we start young for.

well, this has been probably the worst week of my life, to date. I mean I wake up without cancer, and I have legs, but I guess I'm just selfish. I have no appetite. I feel apathetic most of the time and when I'm not, I'm crying. but it's alright, I haven't cried at all today. maybe I'm beginning to feel halfway okay. things will be okay. I love you.

"moving on was a chore that I was never quite ready for."

/end pathetic

Friday, January 8, 2010

happy new year!

new years was awesome.

so far though, new year has been miserable for the most part. got denied into Temple, and everyone just sucks it seems. oh well, I don't need them anyway. and I'll get into somewhere else, hopefully..

friday night and nothing to do

"this could be everything, I don't wanna dream anymore"