Wednesday, February 9, 2011

skipped class this morning. felt sick. what's new?
went to math class, failing it. I fell asleep like usual.
came home, took the routine one hour nap, went back to school.
left early and took the highway, got to class late.
she passed back tests, I got a 58. my friends got 80's and 90's.
came home and my mom took me to get my hair cut.
it turned out alright, didn't make me feel as good as I wanted it to.
I kind of got my hopes up for that and other things
why I started to get my hopes up I don't know.
I finally had something other than liquid and halves of protein bars
it made my stomach hurt worse.
fuck Mcdonalds. why did I choose that?
went home, attempted to make plans.
wasn't going to push it
sat around
sat around
tv time
tv party
it's 10:00
I can play family feud.
my window rattles as if it's trying to break.
I'm not the only one who hears this
big ass deal, mcall, 69, yano.
first world problems
I was startled. I'm still a little startled. I'm not sad anymore.
everything's calmed down, I'm sad again.
it's not worth it to flaunt it, so I don't say anything.
you would never say anything. I wish you would sometimes.
it's midnight. I should go to bed.
my cat is playing with a sharpie.

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