Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I saw the most beautiful sunset on my way to Philly this evening
bittersweet, really.
picked up Adam from Northampton, I hate that place.
he gave me gas and toll money.
drive around looking for parking and he also ends up paying for parking as well.
see my favorite band, without talking to them or anything I leave right after.
make a wrong turn on the way to Temple
easily fixed
went to an open mic night where Zack performed
my friends were there.
some pretty nice voices, making me self conscious about my own lack of talent. oh well.
doesn't talk to me the whole time but proceeds to text me from across the room "Hang out after this?"
it's 9:30 now and my phone is dying. I don't really care.
I just need to get a hold of Adam somehow.
Nick is nice enough to let me use his phone. thanks Nick.
my drink is knocked over twice.
it's between Kendall's or Alex's dorm afterwards to charge my phone. Alex and I went back to his dorm.
turned on my phone and it turns out show's over and I have to leave already.
mapquest and go.
I get lost a few times but eventually I get there.
Adam is drunk and cold, he's been waiting outside for quite some time.
I feel bad, but not too bad.
the empty feeling in my stomach is interchangeable with the feeling of something wrong
I have had no appetite. no big deal.
it takes us a good 45 minutes to get back to the valley, not bad.
pretty much a solid 90 the whole way.
I get to Allentown finally, after taking Adam out of the way back home.
I get on my computer
heart drops, the usual
sort of feels like the emptiness in my stomach.
the internet kinda sucks. Alex always makes me feel better.
will I ever be the kind of girl people write songs about? probably not.
I suppose I can live with that.
average at its finest.

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