Sunday, August 29, 2010

I just realized.

life isn't fair. it gives two shits about no one. on the other hand, college orientation weekend was good. made a few friends, was pretty fun. got home, miserable. I know you saw it. I really can't tell if growing up is going to be rad or make me a sad wreck. hopefully in the end everything will make sense but for now gonna go with the floooow. everyone's settled into college already, me and tess are the only ones left. no one else shows any interest in seeing me. people I thought were close to me actually think that I'm lame, for the most part. I miss my friends, & I miss the past. but classes start tomorrow, hopefully that turns out well. I have a 7:30 am philosophy class, what a terrific way to start my school year & week. I'm excited though to meet new people and hopefully have fun. besides having feelings, life is pretty damn good. it's also really hot in this room. I'm probably just rambling by this point so I'm just going to stop. happy sunday.

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