Tuesday, July 13, 2010

this is stupid.

I know you all are my friends and are just trying to help, but I'm seriously overwhelmed by denying all of these rumors recently. it absolutely isn't important but I'm getting kind of sick of it. "so you think tyler hooks up with all those girls?" is the general question I've been getting. I mean I know these people are trying to watch out for me but it's almost annoying by this point. first of all- I have no say in what he does so it's irrelevant to begin with. second of all, I have nothing to prove to anyone. I know what goes down and if anything was proven to me to be true, which I doubt, I'd handle it myself. you could gladly say, "I told ya so" at that point. I guess this whole blog post is irrelevant but maybe you should get your facts and sources straight before you start gossiping to me. thanks.

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