Tuesday, February 2, 2010

please believe me, this isn't where I want to be

I'm leaving for Europe in 9 days! super stoked. I still need a camera though. :( yesterday, I went to the wawa on union boulevard to pick up a camera I wanted from some guy on craigslist, but was stupid and never got his phone number to get in touch with him. after 5 minutes or so, I finally decided to check my email on my phone (even though it'll cost a fortune) and read the email "sorry someone came and picked it up last night" FFFFUUUUU I was so mad. ended up going to both five guys and rookies that day.
also, girl scout cookies! shit is nuts. lemonades are where it's at.

I think that's about it, just trying to keep my mind occupied for now. still wondering when things are going to get better, but dealing with what I'm given now..


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